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What the Principle of Reflexology stands for

According to reflexology certain zones below the feet are directly linked to organs, muscles, joints, spine and head. For instance, the reflexology points for the intestine are in the rear area of the feet while the ones linked to the neck are in the front area.

Several studies were carried out through the years to determine the benefits of reflexology to human health. They prove that self-healing processes and regulation mechanisms in certain parts of our body can be activated through acupressure and foot massage.

For instance, a study at the University of Innsbruck prove that blood flow in the kidneys can be stimulated by giving a soft massage to the reflex zones below the foot. During another study at the University of Jena it was possible to reduce the pain linked to knee joint arthrosis by treating the correspondent reflexology zone.

Cold, tired or tense feet can bring the whole body out of balance.

Well-being starts with the feet!

How our insoles stimulate the reflex zones

Our reflex zones insoles present certain depressions, elevations and patterns that stimulate specific zones bellow the foot, in order to revitalise parts of the body in a targeted way.

Thanks to the massaging cushions on our insoles, the reflex zones and the linked organs are stimulated with every step. As the firmness is adapted to the tissue tension of the foot sole it also stimulates the effect of walking barefoot.

Reflexology throughout the years


Where it all started

Ancient Egypts, the Indians and the Chinese already carried out the treatment of certain organs through foot massage.


Reflexology came to the States

In the 18th century Dr. Fitzgerald classified the Indian culture reflexology concept and the American masseuse Eunece Ingham made it accessible to the general public.


Reflexology in Europe

First reflexology became popular in England and it was later on brought to Germany and Austria.

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