Swing Insole

Swing Insole

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Reflex Zones Swing Insole

Our Swing insole is a recommended posture insole, perfect for those who love sports or need to improve their balance.

By massaging the respective 5 reflex-zones, our insole will increase your well-being and allow you to enjoy a healthier life.

Health Benefits

There are several benefits you can expect from our insole. These are its aims:

  • The energy flow Yin/yang, which takes precedence over all vital functions;
  • The sole plate of the connective tissue of the feet, the energetic control centre from Yin to Yang energy;
  • The energetic control centres of the head;
  • The skin's tension with its sensitive sensors;
  • The reflex and lymph circulation systems;
  • All control circuits of the feet's reflex-zones.

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